Episode #1: The Historical Commission
February, 1987 Host Gary Carlson-Hall Guests Commissioners Geraldine Kavanaugh, Pinky Whelan
Los Altos Historical Commission members discuss its purpose, function, structure and goals. Topics: Inheriting The Smith House in 1974, The History House Auxiliary, Children's Christmas party at History House footage.
Episode #2: Anna Knapp Fitz
March, 1987 Host Nancy Schnabel Guests Anna Knapp Fitz
Discusses early years in Los Altos and her paintings, interpreting people and landscapes of Los Altos. Topics include her German origins, locations of her landscapes and life working at an orchard. Includes paintings of locations since destroyed.
Episode #3: Raphael Myers
April, 1987 Host Pinky Whelan Guests Raphael Myers
Longtime resident recalls Los Altos in 1912. Topics include: driving at age 12, apricot and prune orchards, memories of the Shoup and Weidman families, memorabilia, owning an electric car in the 20's, school photos and students.
Episode #4: Elders of Los Altos: Early Residents
May, 1987 Host Gary Carlson-Hall Guests Marjorie Robinson-Bryant, Ed Woodworth, Edgar McDowell
The early residents recount what Los Altos life was like in the teens, twenties and thirties. Topics include the railroads, the landscape, schools and The Great Depression.
Episode #5: Early Residents
June, 1987 Host Nancy Schnabel Guests Rosemary Myerott
Los Altos Hills historian shares her knowledge of the early times. Topics include immigrants, agriculture and land acquisition.
Episode #6: Charlotte Gregory: Early Resident
July, 1987 Host Pinky Whelan Guests Charlotte Gregory
Longtime Los Altos Resident discusses the opening of her family pharmacy in 1924. Topics include early business practices and famous customers.
Episode #7: Historical Commission: Goals
October, 1987 Host Pinky Whelan Guests Audrey Fisher, Julie Rose
Revisiting the topics found in Program one, The Historical Commission, but this time from the point of view of two other former commissioners, Audrey Fisher and Julie Rose.
Episode #8: Museum Directors
January, 1988 Host Bill Howard Guests Monte Duran, Madeline Crawford, Lynn Stromberg
Three local museum directors discuss the origins, collections and philosophy of their cultural institutions.
Episode #9: Mountain View's 85th Anniversary
April, 1988 Host Nancy Schnabel Guests
Bands, fire trucks and interviews with locals help celebrate the town's founding. This video was shot entirely on location by Wulf Schrader.
Episode #10: Eleanor Cranston Cameron
March, 1988 Host Jane Reed Guests Eleanor Cranston Cameron
Famed author and sister of Senator Alan Cranston discusses her life and times.
Episode #11: 1898 Pine Lane Home
April, 1988 Host Patricia Smith Guests Barbara McCarthy
Turn of the century life reflected in the architecture of this home being restored on Pine Lane. Includes information about the original owners and details of the restoration effort. A video tour is included.
Episode #12: Dave Ellsworth
January, 1989 Host Patricia Smith Guests Dave Ellsworth
Early resident discusses his family's route in settling in Los Altos. A journey from a pineapple plantation in Hawaii to the hills above Chico. Includes rare Los Altos snow scene photos and recollections of World War I.
Episode #13: History of Palo Alto
January, 1989 Host Patricia Leach Guests Pam Gullard, Nancy Lund
Co-authors and historians discuss the origins of Palo Alto. Topics include early missions, ranchos, the Ohlone people and times when condors and grizzly bears ruled what is now downtown Palo Alto.
Episode #14: The Ohlone Civilization
August, 1992 Host Heidi Kuhn Guests Linda Hylkema, Mark Hylkema
Archeologists reveal little known facts about the first Los Altans, the Ohlone Indians. Topics include tools, rituals, lifestyle and art. Many artifacts are shown. Includes video tour of Rancho San Antonio and Redwood Grove.
Episode #15: Sister City: Syktyvkar, Russia.
October, 1992 Host Heidi Kuhn Guests Mike Bruno, Natasha Sharypova
A video odyssey chronicling a tour of the Russian city taken by a group of civic minded Los Altans. A discussion of the goals of the sister city program.
Episode #16: Hidden Villa
January, 1993 Host Heidi Kuhn Guests Mary Davey
A discussion about the stunningly beautiful 1600 acre oasis donated by the Duvenack family for the enjoyment of all. Includes video footage of this paradise as well as a tribute to the family that made public access available.
Episode #17: Los Altos: A Century of Photos
January, 1993 Host Former Mayor Penny Lave Guests Paul Nyberg
Book Publisher talks about his book, "Los Altos: A Century of Photos."
Episode #18: Valley of the Heart's Delight
February. 1993 Host Nan Geschke Guests Evonne Jacobsen
Author and historian discusses her book, "Passing Farms, Enduring Values: The Story of the Valley of the Heart's Delight." Segment includes rare film footage shot in 1922.
Episode #19: A Walking Tour
April, 1993 Host Catherine Byers-White Guests Steve Aced
Buildings: their architecture and history of use are described by local expert.
Episode #20: The Los Altos Library
May, 1993 Host Catherine Byers-White Guests Carol Tefft
Librarian talks about the history and use of the facility since its inception. Topics include funding and how the library must adapt to the coming of the internet.
Episode #21: The Emerson Home
October, 1993 Host Catherine Byers-White Guests Sherrill Walker, John Walker
A discussion and tour of a turn of the century farmhouse which was once owned by one of Los Altos' pioneering families. Unique architectural flourishes make this home a landmark in the community.
Episode #22: The Pink Horse Ranch
May, 1994 Host Catherine-Byers-White Guests Wendell Roscoe
Famed local architect discusses his life, career and viewpoints on architecture. Included is a video tour of his home and surrounding land. Topics: rerouting a creek illegally and apologizing later.
Episode #23: Fashions 1900 - 1960
March, 1994 Host Catherine Byers-White Guests Mary Carol Burdett
Victorian formal wear, flapper attire and groovy sixties outfits are shown off by live models and discussed by the wardrobe collector. All the clothing is of exceptional quality and beautifully maintained.
Episode #24: History House 1930's Gala
June, 1994 Host Heidi Kuhn Guests Erin Finnegan
A discussion about the re-opening of the History House. Includes tour of a Reconstructed authentic 1930's home complete from kitchen utensils to radio console. Footage of the 1930's themed gala including Dixieland Band, tours and many autos.
Episode #25: The Griffin House
October, 1994 Host Heidi Kuhn Guests Nancy Mason
Chairman of the Committee to Save Griffin house discusses efforts to prevent the demolition of the house. Topics include: fundraising efforts and the story of the original owners. Photos of the house are included.
Episode #26: Los Altos Parks
January, 1995 Host Erin Finnegan Guests Roy Lave
Councilman discusses resistance to reserving land for public parks. Topics include: land donations, appropriations, Redwood Grove, McKenzie Park, Heritage Oaks and The Shoup Garden House. Video tour of the parks included.
Episode #27: California History Center at De Anza College
April, 1995 Host Erin Finnegan Guests Kathi Peregrin
Formed in 1967, this history center operates as clearing house, promoter for the study of history, publisher and classroom. Director discusses facility and programs offered. Topics: Gold Rush, Victorian Homes, John Muir. A video tour is included.
Episode #28: The Grenier Home
March, 1995 Host Erin Finnegan Guests Irene Grenier
Home situated on original Winchester-Merriman property and later purchased by Paul Shoup was built in 1908. Located on Orange Ave, it represents when Los Altos was just beginning to grow. With original photos and present day video.
Episode #29: Senator Alan Cranston
May, 1995 Host Erin Finnegan Guests Senator Alan Cranston
Former U.S. Senator discusses his life and times. A foreign correspondent changes course to serve his country. Topics include: athletics at Stanford, Herbert Hoover, and why he didn't make the 1936 U.S. Olympic Team.
Episode #30: Historical Buildings
October, 1995 Host Nan Geschke Guests Steve Aced, Mark Sandoval
A discussion about the necessary criteria included in the designation of historical buildings. Topics include age, architectural integrity and use. Photos of historically designated buildings are in included.
Episode #31: The Ohlone Civilization: Tools and Rituals
December, 1995 Host Nan Geschke Guests Keith Guitterez
A Redwood Grove naturalist demonstrates fire starting, artifact uses, Ohlone rituals, singing and folklore. A demonstration for children is captured on tape.
Episode #32: Librarian, Carol Tefft
February, 1996 Host Nan Geschke Guests Carol Tefft
Thirty year veteran Librarian discusses her career. Topics include: technical changes, the history and origins dating to 1912, introduction of the internet. Included is a video tour of the most recent incarnation of this Los Altos cultural treasure.
Episode #33: History House Origins
March, 1996 Host Nan Geschke Guests Amy Heath
Museum Coordinator discusses her switch from design engineer to museum director. Topics include Gilbert Smith's 1902 acquisition of a premiere apricot orchard. The farmhouse is later donated to become the History House Museum.
Episode #34: Memories of the 1930's
April, 1996 Host Nan Geschke Guests Bob Taylor, Bob Keeler
Childhood friends recall their experiences during The Great Depression. Topics include: growing your own food, how the agricultural industry sheltered Los Altos from the worldwide suffering, and how they spent the childhood years.
Episode #35: The Making of Silicon Valley
May, 1996 Host Nan Geschke Guests Ward Winslow
Author/Editor discusses his book The Making of Silicon Valley: A One Hundred Year Renaissance. Topics include: compiling history of nearly 70 valley companies, why revolution happened in this location, role of Stanford in planting the seed.
Episode #36: History House Children's Tour
October, 1996 Host Nan Geschke Guests Liz Nyberg
Treasure trove of 1930's memorabilia is found at The History House Museum. Grandma's kitchen captured as if frozen in time. Kids enjoy the wonderment of discovery during this comprehensive tour.
Episode #37: Winchester-Merriman Home
October, 1996 Host Nan Geschke Guests Susan Okin, Cheryl Witt
Current owner and designer discuss the charm of this Victorian Los Altos landmark. Topics include: the homes historic past as Chandler School for Girls, purchase in 1888 by Sara Winchester, rifle company heiress. A video tour is included.
Episode #38: Juan Bautista de Anza Trail
October, 1996 Host Nan Geschke Guests Doni Hubbard, Nancy DuPont, Steve Haze
A discussion about the historical designation and re-enactment of an explorer's horse trail extending from California into Arizona. Topics include the Spanish colonization of California, the missions, and crossing the desert and mountains.
Episode #39: The Marini Home Part I
March, 1997 Host Judie Johnson Guests Nan Geschke
Owner of landmark 1926 Los Altos home, built at by Frank Marini as summer home for his unmarried siblings. Topics: he career of Marini, his philanthropic activities and political involvement. A video tour of this beautifully restored home is included.
Episode #40: The Marini Home Part II
March, 1997 Host Judie Johnson Guests Nan Geschke
A continuation of the tour of the landmark 1926 Marini Home. Included is video of some of the early days of this classic restoration. Topics include: finding artisans to fabricate fixtures no longer manufactured and staying true to the original.
Episode #41: The Faruichi Family
April, 1997 Host Nan Geschke Guests Dean Faruichi
Third generation nursery owner discusses Los Altos family business. Topics include: family's interment in World War II prison camps, retaining ownership of property when other Japanese Americans had property seized. Video of business included.
Episode #42: A Sense of Place
May, 1997 Host Ed Snively Guests Numerous Los Altans
Federally funded documentary showcases Los Altos historical homes, businesses and people. Stunning video chronicles the Ohlone beginnings, the beautiful mountain terrain and the early Mexican Rancheros.
Episode #43: The Making of Silicon Valley: A 100 Year Renaissance
June, 1997 Host Nan Geschke Guests John McLaughlin
Filmmaker discusses his documentary chronicling the rise of one of America's most important industrial sectors, Silicon Valley. Many clips from the film are shown.
Episode #44: 55 Pepper Drive
October, 1997 Host Nan Geschke Guests John Baer
A discussion about the Adams family and their home built shortly after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Original photos of the house and a diary kept by the owner who lived in a tent while the house was being built. Video tour of the home included.
Episode #45: The Los Altos Town Crier: Fifty Years
November, 1997 Host Nan Geschke Guests Paul Nyberg
Los Altos newspaper publisher discusses what was going on in 1947. Topics: transistor, Jackie Robinson, Tupperware, Apricots, television and the railroads. Many photos and advertisements are shown.
Episode #46: Pioneer Life
September, 1998 Host Laura Cline, Beverley McChesney Guests Linda Schultz
A discussion about the first eight Caucasian families who settled in Southern Los Altos circa 1850. Photos, maps and diary readings help tell the story of life in those times. Topics: farming, schools and the gold rush.
Episode #47: Anna Knapp Fitz
February, 1998 Host Nan Geschke Guests Merry Edwardson, Virginia Carlson
Friends recall the life of Anna Knapp Fitz. Includes taped interview with Fitz who brings her childhood memories to life. Many paintings of her work are shown in a clip depicting Fitz's participation in the art docents program.
Episode #48: The Shoup Home
March, 1998 Host Nan Geschke Guests Stevie Day, John Day
Current owners of the historic home discuss the current restored state as well as the history of its original owner, President of The Southern Pacific Railroad and pillar in the founding and shaping of Los Altos. Includes a video tour of the home.
Episode #49: Kahn's Pharmacy
April, 1998 Host Chuck Geschke Guests Mel Kahn, Frank White
Pharmacy owner and star former employee discuss the 1939 beginnings of landmark known to Los Altans. Topics include famous customers, infirmary set up during World War II, changing business model. Early photos included.
Episode #50: The Elders of Los Altos
May, 1998 Host Virginia Carlson, Gloria Bares Guests Los Altos Seniors
Group of seniors discuss their lives during the Great Depression. Topics include hobos and tramps, working for food, depression proof businesses and how to be happy when poverty knocks on the door. Lunch all week for $1.25.
Episode #51: The Railroads
October, 1998 Host Nan Geschke Guests Bob Brown, Fred Vertel
Discussion of role railroads played in development of Los Altos. Topics include: 1908 Foothill Expressway electric trains, free rides for potential land buyers, and commuter routes to San Francisco. Video tour of model railroads included.
Episode #52: Cherry Avenue
November, 1998 Host Nan Geschke Guests Don McDonald
Largest orchards since the 1906 Earthquake. Topics include homes dating to 1915, apricots, grain fields and livestock. Historic photos of iron works, harvest scenes, and aviaries. Includes interviews with homestead owner Lucille Lewer.
Episode #53: Villa Rosa
December, 1998 Host Nan Geschke Guests Judy Fucilla, Van Fucilla
A discussion about this elegant, ornate home, its original owners and how typewriters played a role in its existence. A video tour of this property is included. Features a master bedroom with nine French doors.
Episode #54: Winemakers
February, 1999 Host Beverley McChesney Guests Charles Sullivan
A discussion about the first four families to occupy Rancho San Antonio and develop them into farms. Wine expert also discusses the first wines including Grenache and Zinfandel. Includes maps, illustrations and photos of the early occupants.
Episode #55: Eleanor Cranston Cameron
March, 1999 Host Nan Geschke Guests Eleanor Cranston Cameron
Cameron discusses her prominent family dating to 1870. Topics include father's rise from carpenter to Victorian home architect, brother's Senate ambitions, marriage to filmmaker, Don Cameron, and how Wallace Stegner inspired her writing.
Episode #56: The Celebrity Forum
April, 1999 Host Nan Geschke Guests Dick Henning
A discussion and review of the forum which has brought celebrities to the stage at Foothill College. Director of Forum recalls feting guests such as Alistair Cooke, Truman Capote, The Grateful Dead and Bob Hope.
Episode #57: Al's Barber Shop
May, 1999 Host Nan Geschke Guests Al Galeridge
Owner traces the history at this 50-year old town meeting place, an almost extinct Norman Rockwell like view of Americana. Topics include: how The Beatles almost closed the shop, fiery political discussions, closing celebration footage.
Episode #58: The New History House
October, 1999 Host Nan Geschke Guests Madelyn Crawford, Bob Grimm
Plans for the new Education Center at History House Museum is at the time of this show under construction. A discussion about the funding, building, future uses and architectural concept of this privately funded enterprise.
Episode #59: The San Antonio Club
October, 1999 Host Nan Geschke Guests Don McDonald, Bill Henderson, Jay Brandon
Hostesses gathered here to entertain troops during World War II. Discussion about the war years in Los Altos. Topics include: coast watches, Japanese camps, how businesses re-tooled to support the war, memorial commissioning / dedication.
Episode #60: The Ohlone Civilization
December, 1999 Host Nan Geschke Guests Dr. Bert Gerow
Stanford anthropologist talks about his digs that have yielded knowledge of the people and artifacts used in their daily lives. Topics include: The University Village dig in 1952, how home building uncovered the past. Artifacts photos included.
Episode #61: Deer Hollow Farm
January, 2000 Host Beverley McChesney Guests George Perham, Johnny Jonigan
Resident who lived at Deer Hollow Farm recalls growing up on this property. Topics include: cattle round-ups, rattlesnakes, cowboy life. The property, now open to the public, runs programs for children. Video tour of restored Grant's Cabin included.
Episode #62: The Art Docents
April, 2000 Host Nan Geschke Guests Nancy Barnowski, Marlene Grove
Volunteers enrich the lives of school children with in classroom visits to spread the appreciation and creation of art. Topics include: organization's origins, recruiting and training of volunteers. Includes segment showing the program in action.
Episode #63: Edgar McDowell: Los Altos Life 1920's- 1930's.
March, 2000 Host Nan Geschke Guests Edgar McDowell
Resident whose father attended Stanford in 1895 recalls his life and times as well as the community's. Topics include: railroads, Paul Shoup, early days of the Boy Scouts and Herbert Hoover's career. Included: photos from the era.
Episode #64: The Erichsen Home
May 2000 Host Nan Geschke Guests Ruth Erichsen, Wallace Erichsen
Fifty year residents of Los Altos House discuss their family history, dating back to 1916. Topics: 1929 Model A Ford Truck, life in the 1930's, Los Altos Grammar School, selling apricots, changes over past five decades. Video tour of the home included.
Episode #65: The Juana Briones Foundation
Host Nan Geschke Guests Jeanne McDonnell
1847 historic Adobe home was once the home of Juana Briones (b. 1802). Topics include: Briones' children, sailor's refuge at the Presidio, successful Supreme Court argument over land ownership, historic importance of adobe homes.
Episode #66: The Ginzton Home
June, 2000 Host Nan Geschke Guests Nancy Ginzton, Ann Ginzton
Once the home of Artemus and Edward Ginzton, their daughters discuss life growing up in this unusual home, designed by Joseph Stein. Topics include: Ginzton family history and their connection to Stanford. Includes a video tour of the home.
Episode #67: Paint the Town
June, 2000 Host Nan Geschke Guests Paul Nyberg
Local Newspaper publisher showcases his latest project, a book depicting familiar Los Altos locations as seen through the brush strokes of local artists. Many of the paintings found in this book are shown and discussed.
Episode #68: Remembering Wallace Stegner
January-June 2005 Host Extra: History House Exhibit Film Guests Friends of Wallace Stegner
Los Altos Hills resident Wallace Stegner won the Pulitzer Prize, founded The Creative Writer's Program at Stanford and served on the board of directors of the Sierra Club. Friends recall his contributions, wit and warmth.
Episode #69: Memories of Lu and Dave
January, 2009 Host Extra: History House Exhibit Film Guests Friends of the Packards
The Packards are remembered for their tremendous impact on the community, the nation and the world. Friends, family and colleagues describe how individually and together, they selflessly created a legacy of caring and sharing.
Episode #70: Memories of Josephine and Frank
2011 Host Roberta Solomon Guests Marita Berry, Elizabeth Bowden-Smith, Liz Duveneck Dana, Mary Davey, David Duveneck, Francis Duveneck, Frank Duveneck, Jean Gize, Mike Hamilton, Ami Jaqua, Honorable Norman Mineta, Margaret Nakamura, Chris Overington, Ann Smith, Wallace Stegner, Judith St
Frank and Josephine Duveneck were both born of wealth and privilege. Instead of coasting through life they bought 2500 acres of prime California real estate and made it into a center for social change. This film, originally shown at an exhibit at History House tells their remarkable story.
Episode #71: Silicon Valley: The Lure & The Legends
2014 Host Jim Sinclair Guests Leslie Berlin, Donna Dubinsky, Chuck Geschke, Diane Greene, Ted Hoff, Alan Kay, Mike Malone, Mike Markkula, Regis McKenna, John McLaughlin, Jamis McNiven, Eric Schmidt, Bob Taylor, John Warnock
This film provides an overview of how silicon valley became the center of a massive change in how everyday life is lived .It revolutionized the way that business is conducted, people communicate, engage in commerce and gain information. This film was originally shown at an exhibit at History House.